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The Simonelli Santi family and its ‘precious wines’

Being together, chatting with friends in front of a crackling fireplace and under a fabulous summer night, the ancient taste of offering the pleasure of letting others discover the things we care about, maintaining ancient traditions that speak of country residences, of the peaceful life of other times…. of springs that explode in the whiteness of the cherry trees … of autumns that light up in the red sunset of the vines and of all the scents and flavors of the harvest … of woods populated with precious game and well-cultivated vineyards.

These are the sensations that you can try and experience when you meet an author’s wine, the result of scrupulous traditions of master vintners who wisely combine the ancient science of enology with methods prior to modern technology in the wake of respect for a very long tradition that rejects categorically that modernity that flattens everything.

That’s when, on the sentimental scale, wine ranks among the first places…. meeting the Simonelli Santi family, getting to know them, is a sure source of serenity and a privileged reason for a rare and gratifying human contact, with the aristocratic pride of master winemakers who have been able to make their work a doctrine of wisdom, as well as a precious art.

I nostri Vini Igt, Doc e Docg

La produzione vitivinicola toscana raggiunge ormai degli standard qualitativi riconosciuti su tutti i mercati. La presenza di numerosi vini a Denominazione d’Origine garantiscono la ricercatezza di armonie e gusto che il vino toscano presenta al mondo intero.

L’Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva: Oro della Val d’Orcia

L’olio dell’Azienda Agraria Belladonna viene franto attraverso gli antichi metodi tradizionali di spremitura discontinua a freddo, che consente di ottenere un olio con elevato contenuto in polifenoli, fruttati e stabili nel tempo.